Game based learning with Homura 3D, for dinosaurs life teaching


How to design effective learning opportunities? Why is learning by experience often more efficient than learning by studying? How to provide the learning experiences needed to respond to current challenges? Using computer games and games in general for educational purposes offers a variety of knowledge presentations and creates opportunities to apply the knowledge within a virtual world, thus supporting and facilitating the learning process. This paper introduces a system based on constructivist theory — design game based learning for dinosaurs life teaching, and use Homura 3D to implement the dinosaur learning application.

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@article{Rhalibi2011GameBL, title={Game based learning with Homura 3D, for dinosaurs life teaching}, author={Abdennour El Rhalibi and Madjid Merabti and Ruwei Yun and Dan Pu Liu}, journal={2011 IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference (CCNC)}, year={2011}, pages={332-336} }