Game Theory And Political Theory

  title={Game Theory And Political Theory},
  author={Peter C. Ordeshook},
Formal political theory seeks to develop formal, mathematical models of political and economic processes. This book attempts to integrate the last twenty years of development in this field. Professor Ordeshook uses the modern developments in the theory of games (decision making with multiple, interactive decision makers) as the basis for the synthesis. Topics covered include models of elections and of committee processes, the demand and supply of public goods, and surveys of game theory and… 

The Rational Choice Approach to Politics: A Challenge to Democratic Theory

In just three decades rational choice theory has emerged as one of the most active, influential, and ambitious subfields in the discipline of political science. Rational choice theory contends that

The Political Economy of Fiscal Policy

If there has been a dominant trend in the evolution of the modern industrial societies of this century it has been the growing importance of government in the allocation of social resources. It is

The Reintegration of Political Science and Economics and the Presumed Imperialism of Economic Theory

No discipline can claim a greater impact on contemporary political theorizing than that of economics, whether that theorizing concerns the study of legislatures, elections, international affairs,

A Theory of Divided Government

This paper extends the spatial theory of voting to the case in which policy choices depend upon the interaction between executive and the legislature. Voters are strategic and to analyze equilibrium

A Behavioral Theory of Competitive Political Parties

The rational choice tradition has generated three models of competitive political party behavior: the vote-seeking party, the office-seeking party, and the policy-seeking party. Despite their

Does Strategy Research Need Game Theory

Game theory has not been applied much to business strategy. I review some criticism of the game-theoretic approach which inhibits its application, and mention some others. The common criticism that

The Problem of Institutional Constraint

Political institutions are both human products and constraints on those participating within them. Focusing on rational choice theory and Marxist political theory, this paper shows that the problem

A theory of constitutional change -- Game theoretical analysis of socio-political processes in Poland, 1976-81.

This study develops a theoretical framework to explain processes of constitutional change and applies it to socio-political processes in Poland, 1976-81.1 develop a dynamic game- theoretical approach