Gambogic acid enhances proteasome inhibitor-induced anticancer activity.

  title={Gambogic acid enhances proteasome inhibitor-induced anticancer activity.},
  author={Hongbiao Huang and Di Chen and Shujue Li and Xiaofen Li and Ningning Liu and Xiaoyu Lu and Shouting Liu and Kai Zhao and Canguo Zhao and Haiping Guo and Changshan Yang and Ping Zhou and Xiaoxian Dong and Change Zhang and Guanmei and Q Ping Dou and Jinbao Liu},
  journal={Cancer letters},
  volume={301 2},
Proteasome inhibition has emerged as a novel approach to anticancer therapy. Numerous natural compounds, such as gambogic acid, have been tested in vitro and in vivo as anticancer agents for cancer prevention and therapy. However, whether gambogic acid has chemosensitizing properties when combined with proteasome inhibitors in the treatment of malignant cells is still unknown. In an effort to investigate this effect, human leukemia K562 cells, mouse hepatocarcinoma H22 cells and H22 cell… CONTINUE READING


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