Galois Theory on the Line in Nonzero Characteristic

  title={Galois Theory on the Line in Nonzero Characteristic},
  author={Shreeram S. Abhyankar},
and let α1, . . . , αn be its roots, which are assumed to be distinct. By definition, the Galois Group G of this equation consists of those permutations of the roots which preserve all relations between them. Equivalently, G is the set of all those permutations σ of the symbols {1, 2, . . . , n} such that φ(ασ(1), . . . , ασ(n)) = 0 for every n-variable polynomial φ for which φ(α1, . . . , αn) = 0. The coefficients of φ are supposed to be in a field K which contains the coefficients a1… CONTINUE READING
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