Gallstone ileus analysis of radiological findings in 27 patients.

  title={Gallstone ileus analysis of radiological findings in 27 patients.},
  author={Francesco Lassandro and Nicola Gagliardi and Maria Scuderi and Ant{\'o}nio Pinto and Gianluca Gatta and Raffaele Mazzeo},
  journal={European journal of radiology},
  volume={50 1},
PURPOSE We retrospectively compared the clinical value of plain abdominal film, abdominal sonography and abdominal CT in diagnosing gallstone ileus in 27 patients. MATERIAL AND METHODS 27 patients (23 women and 4 men, age range 58-96 years; mean age 71.5 years) with surgically proven gallstone ileus were submitted to plain film, sonography and CT of the abdomen. Abdominal plain films were performed in 19 cases in upright position (postero-anterior projection), in eight cases in supine… CONTINUE READING


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