Galls and gall makers in plants from the Pé-de-Gigante Cerrado Reserve, Santa Rita do Passa Quatro, SP, Brazil.

  title={Galls and gall makers in plants from the P{\'e}-de-Gigante Cerrado Reserve, Santa Rita do Passa Quatro, SP, Brazil.},
  author={Maria Virginia Urso‐Guimar{\~a}es and Claudia Scareli-Santos},
  journal={Brazilian journal of biology = Revista brasleira de biologia},
  volume={66 1B},
Thirty-six morphologically different types of galls were obtained in leaves, leaflets, veins, petioles, stems, tendrils and flower buds from twenty-five species of plants in the Pé-de-Gigante Reserve, municipality of Santa Rita do Passa Quatro, state of São Paulo, Brazil. The host plant species belong to the closely related families Anacardiaceae, Annonaceae, Asteraceae, Bignoniaceae, Caryocaraceae, Erythroxylaceae, Fabaceae, Malpighiaceae, Melastomataceae, Myrtaceae, Ochnaceae, Polygalaceae… 

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At the dry season, when their dispersion is more efficient, the proportion of anemo and autochorous species producing fruits was higher and, during the rainy season, the zoochorous species fruited more intensely.

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  • Biology, Environmental Science
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The results of these studies suggest that the levels of nutrients and secondary compounds in gall tissue are usually markedly different to those of surrounding plant tissue, and that gall-formers may produce species-specific and temporally variable changes in the chemical composition of gall tissue.

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The cecidomiids are the most important gall-makers, founded in the leaves in all the plant species surveyed, while several dipterocecidian parasitoid families are also included in this survey.

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Urso-Guimarães, MV & Scareli-Santos, C. leg.). Leaf gall, discoid gall, hairy, light brown, unilocular. Gall maker: Diaspididae (Hemiptera). Material: adults

  • Period of occurrence: May
  • 2000

Beitrag zur Kenntnis aussereuropäischer Gallmücken