Gallium phosphide nanowires as a substrate for cultured neurons.

  title={Gallium phosphide nanowires as a substrate for cultured neurons.},
  author={Waldemar H{\"a}llstr{\"o}m and Thomas M{\aa}rtensson and Christelle N. Prinz and Per Erik Gustavsson and Lars Montelius and Lars Samuelson and Martin Kanje},
  journal={Nano letters},
  volume={7 10},
Dissociated sensory neurons were cultured on epitaxial gallium phosphide (GaP) nanowires grown vertically from a gallium phosphide surface. Substrates covered by 2.5 microm long, 50 nm wide nanowires supported cell adhesion and axonal outgrowth. Cell survival was better on nanowire substrates than on planar control substrates. The cells interacted closely with the nanostructures, and cells penetrated by hundreds of wires were observed as well as wire bending due to forces exerted by the cells.