Gallery of Planetary Nebula Spectra

  title={Gallery of Planetary Nebula Spectra},
  author={Karen B. Kwitter and Richard B.C. Henry Williams College and University of Oklahoma},
  journal={arXiv: Astrophysics},
We present the Gallery of Planetary Nebula Spectra now available at this http URL The website offers high-quality, moderate resolution (~7-10 A FWHM) spectra of 128 Galactic planetary nebulae from 3600-9600 A, obtained by Kwitter, Henry, and colleagues with the Goldcam spectrograph at the KPNO 2.1-m or with the RC spectrograph at the CTIO 1.5-m. The master PN table contains atlas data and an image link. A selected object's spectrum is displayed in a zoomable window; line identification… Expand
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