Gallbladder wall thickening in mononucleosis syndromes.

  title={Gallbladder wall thickening in mononucleosis syndromes.},
  author={Kentaro Yamada and Hiroki Yamada},
  journal={Journal of clinical ultrasound : JCU},
  volume={29 6},
PURPOSE We used sonography to measure gallbladder wall thickness in patients with mononucleosis syndromes and then evaluated laboratory data, spleen size, and clinical evolution to assess any relationship between gallbladder wall thickening (GBWT) and the severity of disease. METHODS We retrospectively reviewed the medical records, sonograms, and sonographic reports of 39 patients who were diagnosed with mononucleosis syndromes on the basis of fever, tonsillopharyngitis, cervical adenopathy… CONTINUE READING
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