Gallbladder epithelial acid hydrolases in human cholecystitis.

  title={Gallbladder epithelial acid hydrolases in human cholecystitis.},
  author={E A Kouroumalis and David Hopwood and Peter E Ross and Gillian Milne and Ian A. D. Bouchier},
  journal={The Journal of pathology},
  volume={139 2},
The lysosomal enzymes beta-glucuronidase and acid phosphatase were studied in 112 patients with cholecystitis. Acid phosphatase activity was generally lower in patients with cholesterol stones compared with cases with pigment stones. beta-glucuronidase activity was higher in acalculous cholecystitis than in any other group, a fact compatible with the concept that in lithiasis the enzyme is secreted into the bile and therefore may participate in nidus formation. Histochemistry at light… CONTINUE READING
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