Galla Placidia and the Law

  title={Galla Placidia and the Law},
  author={Stewart Irvin Oost},
  journal={Classical Philology},
  pages={114 - 121}
BEYOND question the most famous passage in the fifth-century Spanish historian Orosius' work Against the Pagans, and one of the most important in its implications, is the account he gives of the change of attitude to Rome on the part of Athaulf, King of the Visigoths (7. 43. 3-7). Athaulf, brother-in-law of Alaric, had succeeded the latter as king (410), and at Narbo had married (January, 414) Galla Placidia, the half-sister of the Emperor Honorius and at that time a captive of the Visigoths… Expand
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