Galileo encounter with 951 gaspra: first pictures of an asteroid.

  title={Galileo encounter with 951 gaspra: first pictures of an asteroid.},
  author={Michael J. S. Belton and Joseph F. Veverka and Peter C. Thomas and Paul Helfenstein and Dr. Christine Simonelli and C. Richard Chapman and Merton E. Davies and Ronald Greeley and Richard Greenberg and James W. Head and scott. murchie and K. P. Klaasen and Torrence V. Johnson and Alfred S. McEwen and David Morrison and Gerhard Neukum and Fraser P. Fanale and C D Anger and Michael H. Carr and Carl B. Pilcher},
  volume={257 5077},
Galileo images of Gaspra reveal it to be an irregularly shaped object (19 by 12 by 11 kilometers) that appears to have been created by a catastrophic collisional disruption of a precursor parent body. The cratering age of the surface is about 200 million years. Subtle albedo and color variations appear to correlate with morphological features: Brighter materials are associated with craters especially along the crests of ridges, have a stronger 1-micrometer absorption, and may represent freshly… CONTINUE READING

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