Galileo's contribution to astronomy

  title={Galileo's contribution to astronomy},
  author={Willy Hartner},
  journal={Vistas in Astronomy},
  • W. Hartner
  • Published 1969
  • Physics
  • Vistas in Astronomy
Abstract The chief aim of the present paper is to destroy the (not even pious) legend of Galileo's early Copernican convictions. This legend is based above all on his letter to Kepler of 4th August 1597, in which he claims to have subscribed “for many years past” to the teaching of Copernicus. On the evidence of his writings and lecture notes, however, it cannot be doubted that Galileo became a convinced Copernican only after the telescopic discoveries. It is shown that Galileo's repugnance to… Expand
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