Galilean-transformed solitons and supercontinuum generation in dispersive media

  title={Galilean-transformed solitons and supercontinuum generation in dispersive media},
  author={Yuchen He and Guillaume Ducrozet and Norbert P. Hoffmann and John M. Dudley and Amin Chabchoub},
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Hydrodynamic supercontinuum.

Experimental observation of multi-bound-soliton solutions of the nonlinear Schrödinger equation (NLS) in the context of hydrodynamic surface gravity waves and the universal role that higher-order nonlinear perturbations to the NLS play in supercontinuum generation are reported.

Time-reversal generation of rogue waves.

The time-reversal invariance of the NLS is used to propose and experimentally demonstrate a new approach to constructing strongly nonlinear localized waves focused in both time and space.

Hydrodynamic Envelope Solitons and Breathers

The nonlinear Schrodinger equation (NLSE) is one of the key equations in physics. It describes the evolution in time and space of wave packets and it applies to several nonlinear dispersive media,

Experiments on higher-order and degenerate Akhmediev breather-type rogue water waves

A possible mechanism that is responsible for the occurrence of rogue waves in the ocean is the Benjamin–Feir instability or modulation instability. The deterministic framework that describes this

Bound State Soliton Gas Dynamics Underlying the Spontaneous Modulational Instability.

This Letter proposes a theoretical model of the asymptotic stage of the noise-induced MI based on N-soliton solutions of the focusing one-dimensional nonlinear Schrödinger equation and reveals a remarkable agreement between spectral and statistical properties of the long-term evolution of the MI and those of the constructed multisoliton, random-phase bound states.

A numerical study of water-wave modulation based on a higher-order nonlinear Schrödinger equation

In existing experiments it is known that the slow evolution of nonlinear deep-water waves exhibits certain asymmetric features. For example, an initially symmetric wave packet of sufficiently large

Dynamics of Solitons in Nearly Integrable Systems

A detailed survey of the technique of perturbation theory for nearly integrable systems, based upon the inverse scattering transform, and a minute account of results obtained by means of that

Water waves, nonlinear Schrödinger equations and their solutions

  • D. Peregrine
  • Physics
    The Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society. Series B. Applied Mathematics
  • 1983
Abstract Equations governing modulations of weakly nonlinear water waves are described. The modulations are coupled with wave-induced mean flows except in the case of water deeper than the modulation

Simulations and experiments of short intense envelope solitons of surface water waves

The problem of existence of stable nonlinear groups of gravity waves in deep water is considered by means of laboratory and numerical simulations with the focus on strongly nonlinear waves. Wave

Observation of accelerating solitary wavepackets.

We study theoretically and observe experimentally the evolution of solitary surface gravity water wavepackets propagating in homogeneous and time-dependent flow created by a computer-controlled water