author={Xose Luis Regueira},
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  • X. L. Regueira
  • Published 1 December 1996
  • Journal of the International Phonetic Association
Galician is a Romance language closely related to Portuguese. It is spoken in the far northwestern part ofthe Iberian Peninsula. As a result of historical circumstances, Spanish has exerted a strong political and cultural influence over this region since the end of the Middle Ages, and there is in consequence in Galicia today a socially ascendant Spanishspeaking urban minority, while the rest of the population maintains Galician as its mother tongue. As a result, Galician is in a situation of… 

The role of social factors in bilingual speech processing : the case of Galician 'new speakers'

It has long been debated whether speech processing remains flexible in adulthood. This thesis contributes to our understanding of this question by investigating bilingual speech development in a

Coronal stop lenition in French and Spanish: Electropalatographic evidence

Lenition of voiced and, to a lesser extent, voiceless stops is widely attested in Western Romance languages. In Spanish, utterance-initial voiced stops as well as those following nasals alternate

Open-Source High Quality Speech Datasets for Basque, Catalan and Galician

New open speech datasets for three of the languages of Spain: Basque, Catalan and Galician are introduced, which can be used to build text-to-speech systems, serve as adaptation data in automatic speech recognition and provide useful phonetic and phonological insights in corpus linguistics.

Blowing in the wind: Using ‘North Wind and the Sun’ texts to sample phoneme inventories

Language documentation faces a persistent and pervasive problem: How much material is enough to represent a language fully? How much text would we need to sample the full phoneme inventory of a



Aproximacion a la fonologia y morfologia gallegas. Dissertation

  • Dialectoloxia da lingua galega. Vigo: Xerais
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Fonologia gallega

  • 1976