Galectin-3 modulates carbohydrate-dependent thymocyte interactions with the thymic microenvironment.

  title={Galectin-3 modulates carbohydrate-dependent thymocyte interactions with the thymic microenvironment.},
  author={D{\'e}a Maria Serra Villa-Verde and Eliz{\^a}ngela Silva-Monteiro and Miriam Galvonas Jasiulionis and D{\'e}sio Aur{\'e}lio Farias-de-Oliveira and Ricardo Renzo Brentani and Wilson Savino and Roger Chammas},
  journal={European journal of immunology},
  volume={32 5},
The process of thymocyte differentiation occurs within the context of the thymic microenvironment, in which T cell precursors interact with thymic microenvironmental cells and extracellular matrix. Here we studied the expression of galectin-3, a beta-galactoside binding lectin, in the thymus of young adult mice. Galectin-3 was found mainly in the medulla and to a lesser extent in the cortex. We further showed that distinct microenvironmental elements, such as thymic epithelial cells, the… CONTINUE READING
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