Galectin-3 mediates genistein-induced G(2)/M arrest and inhibits apoptosis.

  title={Galectin-3 mediates genistein-induced G(2)/M arrest and inhibits apoptosis.},
  author={Hong Lin and Bo Kyung Moon and Fu Yu and Hangrae R Kim},
  volume={21 11},
Many recent studies have focused on potential chemopreventive activities of dietary genistein, a natural isoflavonoid compound found in soy products. Genistein has been implicated in anticancer activities, including differentiation, apoptosis, inhibition of cell growth and inhibition of angiogenesis. In previous studies, genistein was shown to induce apoptosis and cell cycle arrest at G(2)/M in several cancer cell lines in vitro, which is associated with induction of p21(WAF1/CIP1), a universal… CONTINUE READING