Galectin-3 inhibits Schwann cell proliferation in cultured sciatic nerve.

  title={Galectin-3 inhibits Schwann cell proliferation in cultured sciatic nerve.},
  author={Per Erik Gustavsson and Cecilia E. Linsmeier and Hakon Leffler and Martin Kanje},
  volume={18 7},
The production of galectin-3, a carbohydrate-binding mammalian lectin, is upregulated in Schwann cells after peripheral nerve injury in areas where Schwann cells proliferate. Here we tested if galectin-3 affected proliferation of Schwann cells in cultured sciatic nerve segments. Galectin-3 significantly decreased the number of bromodeoxyuridine-labelled Schwann cell nuclei. Neither lactose nor a synthetic inhibitor directed against the carbohydrate-binding region abolished the effects of… CONTINUE READING
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