Galaxy groups at intermediate redshift

  title={Galaxy groups at intermediate redshift},
  author={Raymond Gary Carlberg and H. K. C. Yee and Scott L. Morris and H. Lin and Patrick B. Hall and David Robert Patton and Mikolaj Sawicki and Charles William Shepherd},
Galaxy groups likely to be virialized are identified within the CNOC2 intermediate-redshift galaxy survey. The resulting groups have a median velocity dispersion, σ1 200 km s-1. The virial mass-to-light ratios, using k-corrected and evolution-compensated luminosities, have medians in the range of 150-250 h M☉/L☉, depending on group definition details. The number-velocity dispersion relation at σ1 200 km s-1 is in agreement with the low-mass extrapolation of the cluster-normalized Press… CONTINUE READING

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