Galaxy Formation and Evolution

  title={Galaxy Formation and Evolution},
  author={Juan J. Navarro},
Probing the Environmental Dependence of Star Formation in Satellite Galaxies using Orbital Kinematics
Physical processes regulating star formation in satellite galaxies represent an area of ongoing research, but the projected nature of observed coordinates makes separating different populations of
Dark matter and the assembly history of massive galaxies and clusters
In Part I of this thesis we study the distribution of dark matter and baryons in a sample of seven massive, relaxed galaxy clusters by combining multiple observational tools. Our aim is to make
Growth of massive seed black holes and their impact on their host galaxies
The recent discovery of an 800 million solar mass black hole powering a quasar at a redshift corresponding to 690 million years after the Big Bang is the latest in a growing list of observations of
Exploring the effect of active galactic nuclei on quenching, morphological transformation and gas flows with simulations of galaxy evolution
OF THE DISSERTATION Exploring the Effect of Active Galactic Nuclei on Quenching, Morphological Transformation and Gas Flows with Simulations of Galaxy Evolution
The life-cycle of nearby galaxies: secular and external processes regulating the atomic gas content
This thesis investigates how secular and external processes combine to regulate gas content and drive the life cycle of nearby galaxies. We use a volume and stellar mass limited, multiwavelength
Determining the Origins and Impact of Hot Gas in the Milky Way.
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Thinking outside the halo: a semi-analytic approach to galaxies and their environments
In this thesis, we use N-body simulations and semi-analytic models (SAMs) to explore the interconnectedness of galaxies with their environments. We address two broad questions, asking how a galaxy’s
An investigation of star formation and dust attenuation in major mergers using ultraviolet and infrared data
Merger processes play an important role in galaxy formation and evolution. To study the influence of merger processes on the evolution of dust properties and cosmic star formation rate, we
In this work, we present the results of a novel approach devoted to disentangling the role of the environmental processes affecting galaxies in clusters. This is based on the analysis of the near-UV