Galaxy Alignments as a Probe of the Dynamical State of Clusters

  title={Galaxy Alignments as a Probe of the Dynamical State of Clusters},
  author={Manolis Plionis and Christophe O. Benoist and Sophie Maurogordato and Chiara Ferrari and Spyros Basilakos},
  journal={The Astrophysical Journal},
We present indications, based on a sample of 303 Abell clusters, for a relation between the dynamical state of clusters and the alignments of galaxy members with their parent cluster major-axis orientation as well as with the large-scale environment within which the clusters are embedded. The statistical results are complemented with a deep, wide-field case study of galaxy alignments in the cluster A521, which is characterized by multiple merging events (Maurogrdato et al.; Ferrari et al.) and… Expand
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