Galactic cosmic ray propagation through M dwarf planetary systems

  title={Galactic cosmic ray propagation through M dwarf planetary systems},
  author={A L Mesquita and D Rodgers-Lee and Aline A. Vidotto and Dimitra Atri and Brian E. Wood},
Quantifying the flux of cosmic rays reaching exoplanets around M dwarfs is essential to understand their possible effects on exoplanet habitability. Here, we investigate the propagation of Galactic cosmic rays as they travel through the stellar winds (astrospheres) of five nearby M dwarfs, namely: GJ 15A, GJ 273, GJ 338B, GJ 411 and GJ 887. Our selected stars each have 1 or 2 detected exoplanets and they all have wind mass-loss rates constrained by Lyman-α observations. Our simulations use a… 

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Galactic cosmic rays fluxes on M dwarfs
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