Galactic center at very high-energies

  title={Galactic center at very high-energies},
  author={M Chernyakova and Denys Malyshev and Felix Aharonian and Roland M Crocker and D. I. Jones},
Employing data collected during the first 25 months’ observa tions by the Fermi -LAT, we describe and subsequently seek to model the very high energy ( > 300 MeV) emission from the central few parsecs of our Galaxy. We analyse, in particular, the morphological, spec tral and temporal characteristics of the central source, 1FGL J1745.6-2900. Remarkably, the data show a clear, stati stic lly significant signal at energies above 10 GeV, where the Fermi -LAT has an excellent angular resolutio n… Expand

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