Galactic Dynamics: Second Edition

  title={Galactic Dynamics: Second Edition},
  author={James Binney and Scott Tremaine},
Axial Asymmetry Studies in Gaia Data Release 2 Yield the Pattern Speed of the Galactic Bar
Our recent studies of axial-symmetry breaking in the nearby ($d <3 \,{\rm kpc}$) star counts are sensitive to the distortions of stellar orbits perpendicular and parallel to the orientation of the
Understanding the spiral structure of the Milky Way using the local kinematic groups
We study the spiral arm influence on the solar neighbourhood stellar kinematics. As the nature of the Milky Way (MW) spiral arms is not completely determined, we study two models: the Tight-Winding
Gaussian Process Model for the Local Stellar Velocity Field from Gaia Data Release 2
We model the local stellar velocity field using position and velocity measurements for 4M stars from the second data release of Gaia . We determine the components of the mean or bulk velocity in ∼ 27
A Random Walk Model for Halo Triaxiality
We describe a semi-analytic model to predict the triaxial shapes of dark matter halos utilizing the sequences of random merging events captured in merger trees to follow the evolution of each halo’s
How the Spirals in the Milky Way's ISM form
We construct a model for the Milky Way where the interstellar medium (ISM) is equipped with self-consistent dynamics. In simulations a spiral structure emerges from this model that is almost
Mass segregation in the hyades cluster
Using the Gaia colour-magnitude diagram, we assign masses to a catalogue of 979 confirmed members of the Hyades cluster and tails. By fitting the cumulative mass profile, stars within the tidal
Dynamo effect in unstirred self-gravitating turbulence
In many astrophysical environments, self-gravity can generate kinetic energy, which, in principle, is available for driving dynamo action. Using direct numerical simulations, we show that in
Non-parametric spherical jeans mass estimation with b-splines
Spherical Jeans modeling is widely used to estimate mass profiles of systems from star clusters to galactic stellar haloes to clusters of galaxies. It derives the cumulative mass profile, M( < r),
WISDOM Project – IX. Giant molecular clouds in the lenticular galaxy NGC 4429: effects of shear and tidal forces on clouds
We present high spatial resolution (≈ 12 pc) Atacama Large Millimeter/sub-millimeter Array 12CO(J = 3 − 2) observations of the nearby lenticular galaxy NGC4429. We identify 217 giant molecular clouds
An Empirical Proxy for the Second Integral of Motion in Rotating Barred or Tri-axial Potentials
We identify an effective proxy for the analytically unknown second integral of motion (I 2) for rotating barred or tri-axial potentials. Planar orbits of a given energy follow a tight sequence in the