Galactic Bulge microlensing optical depth from EROS-2

  title={Galactic Bulge microlensing optical depth from EROS-2},
  author={Clarisse Hamadache and Laure Guillou and P. Tisserand and C. Afonso and J. N. Albert and Johannes Andersen and Reza Ansari and {\'E}ric Aubourg and Pierre Bareyre and J. P. Beaulieu and X. Charlot and Ch. Coutures and Roger Ferlet and Pascal Fouqu'e and J. F. Glicenstein and Bertrand Goldman and Andrew P. Gould and David Steven Graff and Michel Gros and Jacques Haissinski and Jean de Kat and {\'E}. Lesquoy and C{\'e}cile Loup and Ch. Magneville and J. B. Marquette and Emilie Maurice and Arnaud Maury and Alain Milsztajn and Marc Moniez and Nathalie Palanque-Delabrouille and Olivier Perdereau and Youcef Rahal and Joshua Rich and Michel Spiro and Alfred Vidal-Madjar and Laurent G. Vigroux and S. Zylberajch},
We present a new EROS-2 measurement of the microlensing optical depth toward the Galactic Bulge. Light curves of $5.6\times 10^{6}$ clump-giant stars distributed over $66 \deg^2$ of the Bulge were monitored during seven Bulge seasons. 120 events were found with apparent amplifications greater than 1.6 and Einstein radius crossing times in the range $5 {\rm d}