Gait epilepsy. A case report of gait-induced seizures.

  title={Gait epilepsy. A case report of gait-induced seizures.},
  author={Jorge Iriarte and Roc{\'i}o S{\'a}nchez-Carpintero and Eric Guichemerre Schlumberger and Juan Carlos Granados Narbona and C{\'e}sar Viteri and Julio Artieda},
  volume={42 8},
Reflex epilepsy includes a group of epileptic syndromes in which seizures are induced by a stimulus, either simple (visual, somatosensory, olfactory, auditory) or more complex (e.g., eating, thinking, reading). We document a case of reflex epilepsy in which focal seizures are triggered exclusively by gait. The patient is a young boy whose walking was impaired by abnormal motor phenomena on the left side. These phenomena were elicited by gait and were accompanied by a distinctive ictal pattern… CONTINUE READING


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