Gait analysis in prosthetics: opinions, ideas and conclusions.

  title={Gait analysis in prosthetics: opinions, ideas and conclusions.},
  author={Johan S. Rietman and Klaas Postema and Jan Hb Geertzen},
  journal={Prosthetics and orthotics international},
  volume={26 1},
A review was performed of the literature of the last eleven years (1990-2000) with the topic: "clinical use of instrumented gait analysis in patients wearing a prosthesis of the lower limb". To this end a literature search was performed in Embase, Medline and Recal. Forty-five (45) articles were identified for study from which 34 were reviewed. The reviews were divided into five subtopics: 1) adaptive strategies in gait (12 studies); 2) the influence of different parts of the prosthesis on gait… CONTINUE READING