Gain without Pain: Recycling Reflected Energy from Wireless Powered RIS-aided Communications

  title={Gain without Pain: Recycling Reflected Energy from Wireless Powered RIS-aided Communications},
  author={Hao Xie and Bowen Gu and Dong Li and Zhi Lin and Yongjun Xu},
—In this paper, we investigate and analyze energy recycling for a reconfigurable intelligent surface (RIS)-aided wireless-powered communication network. As opposed to the existing works where the energy harvested by Internet of things (IoT) devices only come from the power station, IoT devices are also allowed to recycle energy from other IoT devices. In particular, we propose group switching- and user switching- based protocols with time-division multiple access to evaluate the impact of energy… 



Outage-Constrained Energy Efficiency Maximization for RIS-Assisted WPCNs

In this letter, we investigate robust resource allocation for reconfigurable intelligent surface (RIS)-assisted wireless-powered communication networks, where the RIS assists energy transfer from a

Many a little Makes a Mickle: Probing Backscattering Energy Recycling for Backscatter Communications

An alternative iterative algorithm is designed to solve the intractable non-convex backscatter communications problem by utilizing the Dinkelbach’s method and results show that the proposed algorithm achieves a much better EE than the benchmark algorithms.

Relaying Protocols for Wireless Energy Harvesting and Information Processing

The numerical analysis provides practical insights into the effect of various system parameters, such as energy harvesting time, power splitting ratio, source transmission rate, source to relay distance, noise power, and energy harvesting efficiency, on the performance of wireless energy harvesting and information processing using AF relay nodes.

Power-Efficient Passive Beamforming and Resource Allocation for IRS-Aided WPCNs

This paper studies an intelligent reflecting surface (IRS)-assisted wireless-powered communication network (WPCN), where a hybrid access point (HAP) broadcasts energy signals to multiple devices for

Optimized Energy and Information Relaying in Self-Sustainable IRS-Empowered WPCN

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IRS-Assisted Downlink and Uplink NOMA in Wireless Powered Communication Networks

Numerical results show the considerable performance gain of the proposed NOMA-based scheme as compared to the conventional orthogonal multiple access (OMA)-based counterpart.

Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces for Energy Efficiency in Wireless Communication

The adoption of a reconfigurable intelligent surface (RIS) for downlink multi-user communication from a multi-antenna base station is investigated and the results show that the proposed RIS-based resource allocation methods are able to provide up to 300% higher energy efficiency in comparison with the use of regular multi-Antenna amplify-and-forward relaying.

Throughput Maximization for Active Intelligent Reflecting Surface-Aided Wireless Powered Communications

It is found that compared to the passive IRS, the active IRS not only improves the WST greatly, but also is more energy-efficient and can significantly extend the transmission coverage.

How Many Reflecting Elements Are Needed for Energy- and Spectral-Efficient Intelligent Reflecting Surface-Assisted Communication

  • Dong Li
  • Computer Science
    IEEE Transactions on Communications
  • 2022
The relationship between the derived number of reflecting elements is established for both schemes, and the upper bounds on both the EE and the SE thresholds and the placement of the IRS to achieve only one reflecting element are obtained.

Wireless powered communication: opportunities and challenges

An overview of state-of- the-art RF-enabled WET technologies and their applications to wireless communications, highlighting the key design challenges, solutions, and opportunities ahead.