Gain of chromosome 8q is a frequent finding in pleuropulmonary blastoma

  title={Gain of chromosome 8q is a frequent finding in pleuropulmonary blastoma},
  author={Ronald R. de Krijger and Sandra M. H. Claessen and Frieda van der Ham and A. Van Unnik and C. A. Hulsbergen-van de Kaa and Leen van Leuven and Max M. van Noesel and Ernst Jan M. Speel},
  journal={Modern Pathology},
Pleuropulmonary blastomas are rare malignant intrathoracic tumors of early childhood. They appear as a pulmonary- and/or pleural-based mass and their pathogenesis and relationship to other pediatric solid tumors is not well understood. In this study, paraffin-embedded material of five cases of pleuropulmonary blastoma was analyzed for genetic alterations by comparative genomic hybridization and five genetic loci by fluorescence in situ hybridization. Comparative genomic hybridization identified… CONTINUE READING


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