Gaia Data Release 1. Testing parallaxes with local Cepheids and RR Lyrae stars

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Parallaxes for 331 classical Cepheids, 31 Type II Cepheids and 364 RR Lyrae stars in common between Gaia and the Hipparcos and Tycho-2 catalogues are published in Gaia Data Release 1 (DR1) as part of the Tycho-Gaia Astrometric Solution (TGAS). In order to test these first parallax measurements of the primary standard candles of the cosmological distance ladder, that involve astrometry collected by Gaia during the initial 14 months of science operation, we compared them with literature estimates… 
The Cepheid period–luminosity–metallicity relation based on Gaia DR2 data
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RR Lyrae stars as standard candles in the Gaia Data Release 2 Era
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The Carnegie RR Lyrae Program: mid-infrared period–luminosity relations of RR Lyrae stars in Reticulum
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Infrared and optical absolute magnitudes are derived for the type II Cepheids K Pav and VY Pyx using revised Hipparcos parallaxes and for K Pav, V553 Cen and SW Tau from pulsational parallaxes.
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