Gadodiamide administration causes spurious hypocalcemia.

  title={Gadodiamide administration causes spurious hypocalcemia.},
  author={Martin R. Prince and Hale E Erel and Richard W Lent and Jon Blumenfeld and K. Craig Kent and Harry L. Bush and Yi Wang},
  volume={227 3},
PURPOSE To evaluate the prevalence of spurious hypocalcemia after gadodiamide-enhanced magnetic resonance (MR) imaging. MATERIALS AND METHODS Eight hundred ninety-six inpatients with available serum calcium data obtained before and after gadodiamide-enhanced MR imaging were identified. Changes in serum calcium measurements following gadodiamide administration in 1,049 MR imaging examinations performed in these patients were correlated with gadodiamide dose, renal function, and time between… CONTINUE READING

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