Gadd45 in the response of hematopoietic cells to genotoxic stress.

  title={Gadd45 in the response of hematopoietic cells to genotoxic stress.},
  author={Dan A. Liebermann and Barbara S Hoffman},
  journal={Blood cells, molecules & diseases},
  volume={39 3},
Gadd45 genes have been implicated in stress signaling in response to physiological or environmental stressors, which results in either cell cycle arrest, DNA repair, cell survival and senescence, or apoptosis. Evidence accumulated implies that Gadd45 proteins function as stress sensors is mediated by a complex interplay of physical interactions with other cellular proteins that are implicated in cell cycle regulation and the response of cells to stress. These include PCNA, p21, cdc2/cyclinB1… CONTINUE READING


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