GacAtwo-component regulatorysystemofPseudomonas £ uorescens : a bacterial two-hybridanalysis

  title={GacAtwo-component regulatorysystemofPseudomonas £ uorescens : a bacterial two-hybridanalysis},
  author={Matthew L. Workentine and Limei Chang and Howard Ceri and Raymond J Turner},
The two-component regulatory system comprised of the sensor kinase, GacS, and its response regulator, GacA, is involved in regulation of secondary metabolism and many other aspects of bacterial physiology. Although it is known that the sensor kinases RetS and LadS feed into the GacS/GacA system, the mechanism through which this occurs is unknown, as are the protein–protein interactions in this system. To characterize and define these interactions, we utilized a bacterial two-hybrid system to… CONTINUE READING