GaN-On-Si Reliability: A Comparative Study Between Process Platforms

  title={GaN-On-Si Reliability: A Comparative Study Between Process Platforms},
  author={Sameer Singhal and Apurva Y. Chaudhari and A. W. Hanson and J. W. Johnson and R. Therrien and Pradeep Rajagopal and Tso-Wei Li and Cheonwi Park and A. P. Edwards and E. J. Piner and I. Kizilyalli and K. J. Linthicum},
  journal={[Reliability of Compound Semiconductors] ROCS Workshop 2006},
GaN-on-Si transistors are put through an extensive suite of reliability tests in order to accurately assess the drift characteristics of the technology. Data is presented on DC-HTOL, RF-HTOL, and 3-temperature DC tests. In all cases results are compared with the previous generation of technology and reveal improved results. Highlights include an increase in… CONTINUE READING