GaN Microwave DC–DC Converters

  title={GaN Microwave DC–DC Converters},
  author={Ignacio Ramos and Maria N. Ruiz Lavin and Jose A. Garcia and Dragan Maksimovic and Zoya Popovic},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques},
This paper presents the design and characterization of dc-dc converters operating at microwave frequencies. The converters are based on GaN transistor class-E power amplifiers (PAs) and rectifiers. Three topologies are presented, which are: 1) a PA and synchronous rectifier, requiring two RF inputs; 2) a PA and self-synchronous rectifier with a single RF input; and 3) a power oscillator with a self-synchronous rectifier with no required RF inputs. The synchronous 1.2-GHz class- E2 converter… CONTINUE READING