GaAs MQW modulators integrated with silicon CMOS

  title={GaAs MQW modulators integrated with silicon CMOS},
  author={Keith W. Goossen and J. Michael Walker and L. A. D'Asaro and S. Hui and B. Tseng and R E Leibenguth and D. Kossives and D. Bacon and D. Dahringer and L.M.F. Chirovsky and A. L. Lentine and D. A. B. Miller},
  journal={IEEE Photonics Technology Letters},
We demonstrate integration of GaAs-AlGaAs multiple quantum well modulators to silicon CMOS circuitry via flip-chip solder-bonding followed by substrate removal. We obtain 95% device yield for 32/spl times/32 arrays of devices with 15 micron solder pads. We show operation of a simple circuit composed of a modulator and a CMOS transistor.<<ETX>> 


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