GWAS of 126,559 individuals identifies genetic variants associated with educational attainment.

  title={GWAS of 126,559 individuals identifies genetic variants associated with educational attainment.},
  author={Cornelius A. Rietveld and Sarah E. Medland and Jaime Derringer and Jian Yang and T{\"o}nu Esko and Nicolas W. Martin and Harm-Jan Westra and Konstantin Shakhbazov and Ayoub Abdellaoui and Arpana Agrawal and Eva Albrecht and Behrooz Z. Alizadeh and Najaf Amin and John Dickson Barnard and Sebastian E. Baumeister and Kelly Suzanne Benke and Lawrence F. Bielak and Jeffrey A Boatman and Patricia A. Boyle and Gail Davies and Christiaan de Leeuw and Niina Eklund and Daniel S Evans and Rudolf Ferhmann and Krista Fischer and Christian Gieger and H{\aa}kon K Gjessing and Sara H{\"a}gg and Jennifer R. Harris and Caroline Hayward and Christina Holzapfel and Carla A. Ibrahim-Verbaas and Erik Ingelsson and Bo Jacobsson and Peter K Joshi and Astanand Jugessur and Marika Kaakinen and Stavroula Kanoni and Juha Karjalainen and Ivana Kol{\vc}i{\'c} and Kati Kristiansson and Zolt{\'a}n Kutalik and Jari Lahti and Sang Hong Lee and Peng Lin and Penelope A Lind and Yongmei Liu and Kurt Lohman and Marisa Loitfelder and George Mcmahon and Pedro Marques Vidal and Osorio Meirelles and Lili Milani and Ronny Myhre and Maria Nuotio and Christopher Oldmeadow and Katja Petrovic and Wouter J. Peyrot and Ozren Pola{\vs}ek and Lydia Quaye and Eva Reinmaa and John P. Rice and Thais Sampaio Rizzi and Helena Schmidt and Reinhold Schmidt and Albert Vernon Smith and Jennifer A. Smith and Toshiko Tanaka and A. Terracciano and Matthijs van der Loos and Veronique Vitart and Henry V{\"o}lzke and Juergen Wellmann and Lei Yu and Wei Yi Zhao and J{\"u}ri Allik and John R Attia and Stefania Bandinelli and François Bastardot and Jonathan Beauchamp and David A. Bennett and Klaus Berger and Laura J. Bierut and Dorret I. Boomsma and Ute B{\"u}ltmann and Harry Campbell and Christopher F. Chabris and Lynn Cherkas and Mina K. Chung and Francesco Cucca and Mariza de Andrade and Philip L De Jager and Jan-Emmanuel De Neve and Ian J. Deary and George Vassilios Dedoussis and Panagiotis Deloukas and Maria Dimitriou and Guðn{\'y} Eir{\'i}ksd{\'o}ttir and Martin F. Elderson and Johan G Eriksson and David M. Evans and Jessica D. Faul and Luigi Ferrucci and M. Elena Gonz{\'a}lez Garcia and Henrik Gr{\"o}nberg and Vilmundur Guðnason and Per Hall and Juliette M. Harris and T. B. Harris and Nicholas D Hastie and Andrew Craig Heath and D. G. Perez Hernandez and Wolfgang Hoffmann and Adriaan Hofman and Rolf Holle and Elizabeth G. Holliday and Jouke-Jan Hottenga and William G. Iacono and Thomas Illig and Marjo-Riitta J{\"a}rvelin and Mika K{\"a}h{\"o}nen and Jaakko M Kaprio and Robert M. Kirkpatrick and Matthew E. Kowgier and Antti Latvala and Lenore J. Launer and Debbie A Lawlor and Terho Lehtim{\"a}ki and Jingmei Li and Paul Lichtenstein and Peter Lichtner and David C M Liewald and Pamela A. F. Madden and Patrik K. E. Magnusson and Tomi E M{\"a}kinen and Marco Masala and M K Mcgue and Andres Metspalu and Andreas Mielck and Michael B. Miller and Grant W. Montgomery and Sutapa Mukherjee and Dale R. Nyholt and BenA. Oostra and Lyle John Palmer and Aarno Palotie and Brenda W. J. H. Penninx and Markus Perola and Patricia A. Peyser and Martin Preisig and Katri R{\"a}ikk{\"o}nen and Olli T. Raitakari and Anu Realo and Susan M Ring and Samuli Ripatti and Fernando Rivadeneira and Igor Rudan and Aldo Rustichini and Veikko V Salomaa and Antti-Pekka Sarin and David Schlessinger and Rodney J. Scott and Harold Snieder and Beate St Pourcain and John M. Starr and Jae Hoon Sul and Ida L. Surakka and Rauli Svento and Alexander Teumer and Henning Tiemeier and Frank J. A. van Rooij and David R Van Wagoner and Erkki Vartiainen and Jorma Viikari and Peter Vollenweider and Judith M Vonk and G{\'e}rard Waeber and David R. Weir and H. M. Wichmann and Elisabeth I M Widen and Gonneke H. M. Willemsen and James F Wilson and AlanF. Wright and Dalton Conley and George Davey-Smith and Lude Franke and Patrick J. F. Groenen and Albert Hofman and Magnus Johannesson and Sharon L. R. Kardia and Robert F Krueger and David Laibson and Nicholas G. Martin and Michelle N. Meyer and Danielle Posthuma and A Roy Thurik and Nicholas J. Timpson and Andr{\'e} G. Uitterlinden and Cornelia M van Duijn and Peter M. Visscher and Daniel J Benjamin and David Cesarini and Philipp D Koellinger},
  volume={340 6139},
A genome-wide association study (GWAS) of educational attainment was conducted in a discovery sample of 101,069 individuals and a replication sample of 25,490. Three independent single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are genome-wide significant (rs9320913, rs11584700, rs4851266), and all three replicate. Estimated effects sizes are small (coefficient of determination R(2) ≈ 0.02%), approximately 1 month of schooling per allele. A linear polygenic score from all measured SNPs accounts for ≈2% of… CONTINUE READING
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