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GW190814: Spin and equation of state of a neutron star companion

  title={GW190814: Spin and equation of state of a neutron star companion},
  author={A. Tsokaros and M. Ruiz and S. Shapiro},
  • A. Tsokaros, M. Ruiz, S. Shapiro
  • Published 2020
  • Physics
  • The recent discovery by LIGO/Virgo of a merging binary having a ∼ 23M black hole and a ∼ 2.6M compact companion has triggered a debate regarding the nature of the secondary, which falls into the so-called mass gap. Here we explore some consequences of the assumption that the secondary was a neutron star (NS). We show with concrete examples of heretofore viable equations of state (EOSs) that rapid uniform rotation is certainly adequate to explain the existence of a stable ∼ 2.6M NS for… CONTINUE READING

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