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GTMDs and the factorization of exclusive double Drell-Yan

  title={GTMDs and the factorization of exclusive double Drell-Yan},
  author={Miguel G. Echevarria and Patricia A. Gutierrez Garcia and Ignazio Scimemi},
Di ff erent exclusive processes have been proposed to access the generalized transverse momentum dependent distributions (GTMDs) with no proof of factorization, which allows to rigorously define the GTMDs. Here we obtain for the first time the factorization of the di ff erential cross section for the exclusive double Drell-Yan process π N → N (cid:48) γ ∗ γ ∗ → N (cid:48) ( (cid:96) + (cid:96) − )( (cid:96) + (cid:96) − ), for small transverse momenta of the photons in terms of a perturbatively… 

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