GST, NAT1, CYP1A1 polymorphisms and risk of esophageal and gastric adenocarcinomas.

  title={GST, NAT1, CYP1A1 polymorphisms and risk of esophageal and gastric adenocarcinomas.},
  author={Louise Wideroff and Thomas L. Vaughan and Federico M. Farin and Marilie Denise Gammon and Harvey A. Risch and Janet L. Stanford and Wong-Ho Chow},
  journal={Cancer detection and prevention},
  volume={31 3},
BACKGROUND Polymorphisms in glutathione-S-transferase (GST), N-acetyltransferase (NAT) 1, and CYP1A1 genes have been suggested as susceptibility factors for esophageal and gastric adenocarcinomas, but have not been consistently linked to elevated risks. In a population-based case-control study, we examined risks in relation to polymorphisms of the following genes: GSTP1; GSTM1; GSTT1; NAT1; and CYP1A1. METHODS Histologically confirmed incident cases, ages 30-79, were identified in three US… CONTINUE READING
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