GSM enabled wristwatch to send distress message consisting location co-ordinates obtained using cell tower triangulation

  title={GSM enabled wristwatch to send distress message consisting location co-ordinates obtained using cell tower triangulation},
  author={Vanshaj Sikri and Tushar Kundra},
  journal={2015 International Conference on Man and Machine Interfacing (MAMI)},
  • Vanshaj Sikri, Tushar Kundra
  • Published 1 December 2015
  • Computer Science
  • 2015 International Conference on Man and Machine Interfacing (MAMI)
Even today, an abominable lull is created when Indian women step out with a niggling fear in their minds about their safety. We often hear about rape cases that make our blood run cold. Newspapers are testimonies to the fact that India is yet to break the shackles of such maladies that beleaguer its female citizens. The cause can be imputed to the time gap between the actual time of the crime and its time of reporting to the police. If somehow the victims could convey their plight in real time… 

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