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GSM Based Wireless Electronic Notice Board using PIC 18 F 2550 Microcontroller AJAYI – SMART

  title={GSM Based Wireless Electronic Notice Board using PIC 18 F 2550 Microcontroller AJAYI – SMART},
  author={Emmanuel Abiodun and Bello Oluwaseyi Olawale},
Notice board is primary thing in any institution or organization or public utility places like bus stops, railway stations or parks. But sending various notices day to day is a tedious process. This paper deals with advanced notice board. It presents an SMS based notice board incorporating microcontroller PIC18F2550. A GSM module SIM 800L is interfaced to the ports of the microcontroller PIC18F2550. When the user sends a SMS via a registered number from his mobile phone, it is received by a SIM… 

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