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GSM Based Wireless Electronic Notice Board Display through ARM 7 and LED

  title={GSM Based Wireless Electronic Notice Board Display through ARM 7 and LED},
  author={Sathish P and Ampath and Umar and P V. and riyanka and Akshmi and Urekha and Huang C. Y. and Arish and Eddy},
This paper is developed a GSM based notice board display using ARM7 controller along with LED array. The microcontrollers provide all the functionality of the display notices and wireless control. The Display is obtained on a 7X96 Light Emitting Diode (LED) dot matrix display. A desired text message from a mobile phone is sent via a Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) to the GSM module located at the receiving end. The GSM modem is connected, through MAX 232 Integrated Circuit (MAX 32… 
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This proposed technology can be used in colleges many public places, malls or big buildings to enhance the security system and also make awareness of the emergency situations and avoid many dangers.



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