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GSM Based Energy Meter Reading and Billing System

  title={GSM Based Energy Meter Reading and Billing System},
  author={Kartik Chaudhary and Deepak Kumar and Rahul Kumar Singh and Manish Kumar Singh},
The main objective of the proposed paper is to develop an energy meter which is totally based upon the GSM system and used to reduce the human efforts consumed during the door to door billing. We can use this system instead of door to door billing system as the power consumed in this will also be displayed to the consumers so there will be minimum chances of errors. This system is based on microcontroller here we are using atmega16 microcontroller. This gives all the controlling over the… Expand
Single phase GSM based wireless energy metering with user notification system
This paper presents the simple, efficient, and inexpensive design of an automatic single phase energy meter reading system based on GSM wireless network which also has the provision for user notification which also discusses the potential impacts of this system usage both for utilities and consumers especially in Pakistan. Expand
Design of GSM Based Energy Meter: A Review
The proposed study will focus on the design and development of an Automated Meter Reading system (AMR) using Global System for Mobile (GSM) technology and load control through Short Message Service (SMS) for domestic purposes. Expand
Smart Energy Meter Surveillance Using IoT
  • M. Prathik, K. Anitha, V. Anitha
  • Computer Science
  • 2018 International Conference on Power, Energy, Control and Transmission Systems (ICPECTS)
  • 2018
This system not only reduces the power cut issues and the labor cost for noticing the residential energy consumption in regular intervals but also increases the energy conservation with the help of alarm systems and the energy meter accuracy by reducing the billing error and the cost of maintenance. Expand