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  author={Ashish Shrivastava and Ratnesh Prabhaker and Ravi Ranjan Kumar and Rahul Verma},
Gas leakage is a major problem with industrial sector, residential premises and gas powered vehicles like CNG (compressed natural gas) buses, cars. One of the preventive methods to stop accident associated with the gas leakage is to install gas leakage detection kit at vulnerable places. The aim of this paper is to present such a design that can automatically detect and stop gas leakage in vulnerable premises. In particular gas sensor has been used which has high sensitivity for propane (C3H8… 

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Gas Leakage and Detection System

  • Computer Science
  • 2021
The aim of this paper is to present a design that can automatically detect and stop gas leakage in vulnerable premises and GSM (Global System for mobile communications) module, which warns by sending SMS.

CNG/LPG gas accident prevention with GSM alert

The aim of this project is to present a design that can automatically detect and stop gas leakage in vulnerable premises and provide the design approach on both software and hardware.

Efficient Gas Leakage Detection and Control System using GSM Module

In this project, after the leakage of gas is detected, the valve is automatically closed, thereby stopping the leakage and the electric power supply is also shut down to prevent fire accidents.

Automated unified system for LPG using load sensor

The leakage of gas is sensed by MQ5 sensor and notified through SMS and a phone call using GSM, similarly through the load cell the weight of LPG is measured in a regular basis and notified to the user when the range of the gas is below threshold (20%).

Development of a Gas Leakage Detection System

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a fundamental source of fuel in urban areas as a result of its comparatively higher calorific value and reduced impact on the environment. Due to the flammable nature

LPG Gas Leakage Detection and Prevention System

The objective of this project is to present the design of a cost effective automatic alarming system, which can detect and prevent liquefied petroleum gas leakage in various premises.

Global System for Mobile Communication based Automatic Alarm System for Disaster Management

The functioning, design and the future of the automatic gas leak detection system that also alert the user by sending a message using the GSM module, ring buzzer alarm to alert people present locally at the location and control gas leakage (by exhaust functionalities) are discussed.

Implementation of Gas Leakage Monitoring and Prevention System Using IoT

The system that detects the spillage of the gas in a particular area using gas sensor and immediately alerts the individual in the form of blinking the light and using Wi-Fi to send the alert messages via Blynk app, and exhaust fan is used to scattered gas concentration to cut down the damages and save the lives.

Design and construction of a carbon monoxide and liquefied petroleum gas leakage detection system

The design and construction of a carbon monoxide and liquefied petroleum gas leakage detection and alert system that is suitable for use in areas were these dangerous gases are in use and will also reduce loss of lives resulting generators fumes in residential houses.

Design and construction of a GSM based gas leak alert system

The design and construction of an SMS based Gas Leakage Alert System that enables monitoring of gas leakages in remote locations and thereby leads to a faster response time in the events of a leakage condition is presented.



Embedded system for Hazardous Gas detection and Alerting

The main objective of the work is designing microcontroller based toxic gas detecting and alerting system that offers quick response time and accurate detection of an emergency and in turn leading faster diffusion of the critical situation.

A Greenhouse Remote Monitoring System Based on GSM

A greenhouse remote monitoring system based on GSM that can connect the PC for remote data transmission by GPRS module, achieving a simon-pure remote monitoring and control function.

Design and Development of GSM based Energy Meter

This paper presents of design and development of Automatic meter reading (AMR) system, a boom for remote monitoring and control domestic energy meter that not only reduces the labor cost but also increase meter reading accuracy and save hugs amount of time.

Automatic power meter reading system using GSM network

The development of a GSM automatic power meter reading (GAPMR) system is presented in this paper to demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of automatic meter reading, billing and notification through the use of GSM network.

General Application Research on GSM Module

General techniques of communication with GSM network are depicted, including the initialization of terminal equipment, sending and reading short messages, sending SMS to group users, and the management on phonebook of SIM card, furthermore, a flexible solution on real-time reading SMS is proposed.

Fluctuation-enhanced multiple-gas sensing by commercial Taguchi sensors

This study is carried out to investigate and demonstrate the possibility of practical applications of commercial Taguchi gas sensors for fluctuation-enhanced chemical sensing of multiple gases. The

A New Type of Motor: Pneumatic Step Motor

The motor was designed to be compatible with magnetic resonance medical imaging equipment, for actuating an image-guided intervention robot, for medical applications, and is readily applicable to other pneumatic or hydraulic precision-motion applications.

High-speed parameter estimation of stepper motors

A batch least-squares algorithm is used to identify the parameters of a permanent magnet stepper motor and can be used to develop models of stepper motors for precise control and to automatically tune computer-controlled drives.

Research on stepper motor control based on Single Chip and serial communication

A stepper motor control system is introduced in the paper which adopted high-performance AVR microcontroller Atmega128 and serial communication and there is a convenient and friendly man-machine interface.

A research of a new technique on hardware implementation of control algorithm of high-subdivision for stepper motor

  • Yang MengdaZhu Min
  • Computer Science
    2010 5th IEEE Conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications
  • 2010
Experimental results indicate that the technique could improve the resolution of a stepper motor and make it run more smoothly, and may be used of making control chip of stepper motors.