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  author={A. Shrivastava and R. Prabhaker and R. Kumar and R. Verma},
Gas leakage is a major problem with industrial sector, residential premises and gas powered vehicles like CNG (compressed natural gas) buses, cars. One of the preventive methods to stop accident associated with the gas leakage is to install gas leakage detection kit at vulnerable places. The aim of this paper is to present such a design that can automatically detect and stop gas leakage in vulnerable premises. In particular gas sensor has been used which has high sensitivity for propane (C3H8… Expand

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  • Yang Mengda, Zhu Min
  • Engineering
  • 2010 5th IEEE Conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications
  • 2010
This paper designs a new control system of high-subdivision for a stepper motor. through which integrated controller and driver of stepper motor on a FPGA chip. The problem of high-subdivisionExpand