GSK-3beta in cerebrospinal fluid of schizophrenia patients.

  title={GSK-3beta in cerebrospinal fluid of schizophrenia patients.},
  author={Nitsan Kozlovsky and William T Regenold and Joseph Levine and Aaron P. Rapoport and Robert Haim Belmaker and Galila Agam},
  journal={Journal of neural transmission},
  volume={111 8},
Cerebrospinal fluid contains proteins and metabolites of brain origin and was extensively studied in psychiatry in the 1970's with few definitive results. We have recently found 40% reduced protein levels of GSK-3beta in schizophrenia in postmortem prefrontal cortex, but our attempt to develop a diagnostic marker using peripheral lymphocyte GSK-3beta was not successful. In this study we aimed to find whether the reduction in brain GSK-3beta is reflected in CSF of schizophrenia patients. We… CONTINUE READING
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