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GSG: A Granary Soft Gripper with Mechanical Force Sensing via 3-Dimensional Snap-Through Structure

  title={GSG: A Granary Soft Gripper with Mechanical Force Sensing via 3-Dimensional Snap-Through Structure},
  author={Huixu Dong and Chao-Yu Chen and Chen Qiu and Chen-Hua Yeow and Haoyong Yu},
Grasping is an essential capability for most robots in practical applications. Soft robotic grippers are considered as a critical part of robotic grasping and have attracted considerable attention in terms of the advantages of the high compliance and robustness to variance in object geometry; however, they are still limited by the corresponding sensing capabilities and actuation mechanisms. We propose a novel soft gripper that looks like a ‘granary’ with a compliant snap-through bistable… 

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