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GRUMPY: a simple framework for realistic forward-modelling of dwarf galaxies

  title={GRUMPY: a simple framework for realistic forward-modelling of dwarf galaxies},
  author={Andrey V. Kravtsov and Viraj Manwadkar},
We present a simple regulator-type framework designed specifically for modelling formation of dwarf galaxies. We explore sensitivity of model predictions for the stellar mass–halo mass and stellar mass–metallicity relations to different modelling choices and parameter values. Despite its simplicity, when coupled with realistic mass accretion histories of haloes from simulations and reasonable choices for model parameter values, the framework can reproduce a remarkably broad range of observed… 


2012, namely eqs 18-21 with c = 5)
  • 2012
SciPy: Open source scientific
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Evolution of the characteristic mass scale Mc as a function of redshift. The data points shown are simulation results from Figure 3 in Okamoto et al
  • 2008