GRS-S Awards Presented at IGARSS 2004


THE 2004 IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society’s Awards were presented at the IGARSS’04 banquet on Thursday, September 23rd, at the 4th Avenue Theater in Anchorage, AK. The GRS-S President Al Gasiewski, assisted by the Awards Committee Chairman Werner Wiesbeck, presented the awards. The GRS-Society was very pleased to welcome the IEEE Past President Mike Adler for the presentation of the awards on the IEEE level and the recognition of the IEEE 2004 Fellows. To promote excellence in research and service each year the Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society of IEEE recognizes individuals among its members by bestowing the following IEEE certificates and awards: 1) GRS-S Distinguished Achievement Award; 2) GRS-S Outstanding Service Award; 3) Transactions Prize Paper Award; 4) Symposium Prize Paper Award; 5) Interactive Session Prize Paper Award; 6) Education Award; 7) Three Student Prize Paper Awards. On the IEEE level, the following awards and recognitions were transferred: 1) Judith A. Resnik Award; 2) Electromagnetics Award; 3) Fellow Recognition. The call for nominations for the GRS-S Distinguished Achievement Award, GRS-S Outstanding Service Award, and the GRS-S Education Award are published in the GRS-S Newsletter. Any member, except GRS-S AdCom members, can make nominations to recognize deserving individuals. Typically the lists of candidates comprise three to five names. An independent Major Awards Committee makes the selection, which is approved by the GRS-S AdCom. The GRS-S Transactions Editor, based on the recommendations of the associate editors and reviewers, compiles the list of nominees for the Transactions Prize Paper Award. The GRS-S Awards Committee makes the selection. The two IGARSS prizes, the Symposium Prize Paper Award and the Interactive Session Prize Paper Award, result from the evaluations of the conference session chairpersons. The GRS-S Awards Committee makes the selection and the GRS-S AdCom the final approval. The solicitation for the Student Prize Paper Awards appears in the IGARSS Call for Papers. Usually 20 to 30 applications are submitted. In an initial screening, ten papers are selected for presentation in a special session. A group composed of four to five prominent members of the GRS-S, appointed by

DOI: 10.1109/TGRS.2005.856635

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