GRS-S Awards Presented At IGARRS'97


THE 1997 IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society’s Awards were presented by the IEEE President Charles Alexander, GRS-Society President Martti Hallikainen, and GRS-Society Vice-President Nahid Khazenie on August 5, 1997, at the Awards Luncheon during IGARSS’97 in Singapore. The call for nomination for the GRS-S Distinguished Achievement Award is published in the GRS-S Newsletter. Nominations can be made by any member to recognize deserving individuals. Usually, the list of candidates comprises five to seven names. The selection is made by GRS-S AdCom members and former recipients of the award. The nominations for the GRS-S Outstanding Service Award are made by the Awards Committee and by GRS-S AdCom, but suggestions from any member are welcome. The selection for this award is made by GRS-AdCom members. The starting list for the Transactions Prize Paper Award is compiled by the GRS-S TRANSACTIONS Editor, based on the recommendations of the associate editors and reviewers. The selections are made by the GRS-S Awards Committee. The two IGARSS prizes, the Symposium Prize Paper Award and the Interactive Session Prize Paper Award, result from the evaluation of the conference session chairpersons. The final selection is made by the GRS-S Awards Committee. The IEEE Fellow Awards were evaluated by the GRS-Society Fellow Evaluation Subcommittee. In the following, the awards are listed together with the citations and biographies of the recipients.

DOI: 10.1109/TGRS.1998.718836

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